WOW planning meeting – 16/02/18

We were light on numbers today – we shared readings – 2 members read from homework – 1 poem – 1 flash fiction, including answers to 5 prompt questions from last meeting.

A colour – a name – an animal – a household object – a profession.

I shared my response writing from a poetry workshop I attended in Pant – with a walk to Llanymynech quarry,

We then moved on to planning future projects.

A WOW calendar for 2019! Theme ‘From all walks of life’ – can everyone bear this in mind when writing anything!  We need to start writing now – and through till last submission – being end September – we can do subjects in group as well. Any work you have already written is okay too.

For front page of each month, poetry or paragraphs/ Flash Fiction50/60 words; for back page can be longer poems – or stories up to 1x A4 – 14 font please.

I will collate between now and Beginning of October – and will discuss at meetings which month suits which piece best (bearing in mind formatting) – printing to be done – early December ready to roll out for Christmas!

Wilfred Owen Festival Nov 18

WOW – are included in reading at The Women in War event on Sat 10th Nov – 11. 00 – 4. 30 – those who wish to read can choose from Lucy London’s books a ‘woman’ that speaks to them – books are ‘Female Poets of the First World War’ and ‘Inspirational Women of WW1 – if time allows in an exciting and busy event – may be opportunity to reads one’s own work.

I shared an idea for WOW to run 2 x 2hr workshops in the Memorial Hall (week base for Festival) – making a large collage with text and image – with visitors adding their own text and creative thoughts – we can start it off of course.

Please can we start now! Squirreling – craft – images – anything away! Please collect any phrases or words in an envelope  – so stuff is ready and available for folk – we may have a 2nd table for those who want to do their own A4 size collage – they can then take away.

We will also hopefully have display boards for ‘our writing’  – in the form of ‘Letters’ so vital and cherished in WW1 – we read some letters in group – and thought it a good idea to work on creating characters – who letters are from and too – we will also read letters at meetings – to help give us a base to work from.

We thought it be good to be in costume – I will explore this with Simon Jarman at next WOF planning meeting where our proposal will be put to the table.

We could even encourage folk to write their own letters!

Art Trail – WOW hope to have submissions for the art trail – starting beginning of October – we can exhibit as ‘a group’.

Will discuss with individual members next meeting – Friday 2nd March

Homework – any writing on ‘from all walks of life’






Feb 2nd 18 – meet

Good meet this afternoon – for WOW – lots of open discussion – on writing for therapy and being honest about ourselves – very proud of my wee group – we missed Pauline Faulkner – Talked about ‘Surprise’ the FED Challenge for February – we discovered lots of facets of ‘Suprise’ that came out of our open discussion. Writing on ‘Surprise’ to be done between now and 28th Feb to be posted on FED Website. I asked the question – ‘if you could pack a suitcase with things to describe your life – what would you pack?’ Very interesting and diverse answers – written in note form – from practical to imaginative. Homework – I read a list of unconnected prompts – a colour, a name, an animal, a household object and a profession – each were given a responsive one word written answer – task is to write a piece/poem containing all the answers. Good luck everyone!

Meeting Jan 19th

This afternoon at Words’n’pics Open Writers we asked and discussed – if we were a piece of lost property what would we be? What would you be? For homework we will make notes on all the emotions being lost brings – and being found or claimed or being left on the shelf. We also thought it a good idea if the ‘lost property’ had a voice and could talk to each other – practising writing dialogue – next session will be a craft session – making a ‘mood board’ out of our ‘lost property’ thoughts and writing – using pictures too. I asked if the group would like to do a calendar of our writing through the year for 2019 – all said yes please! Calendar to be entitiled – ‘From All Walks of Life’. We shared great writing the group had done – a mixed bag as usual – 2 pieces on ‘A Winter Childhood’ and others looking at inner feelings. Next meet Feb 2nd at 1pm – 3pm – see events in Oswestry Life

My FED Challenge contribution

(Winter Childhood Morning 1960’s)

Jack Frost impressionistic
inside of bedroom window.
Lino sharp cold, on warm feet,
muffled hunting for
comfort of slippers.

Down to gloom-shadow
living room, single
light bulb tries, but
never quite makes it
into every corner.

Two bar electric fire
perch on edge of chair,
breakfast served up
on a stool,
blank TV.

Jan Hedger


FED Challenge – January contribution

Birches Sweet Shop

Up the two steps
Up the two steps
Magical sight awaits
Jars lined on shelves
Colours of the rainbow
Rhubarb & custard
Sherbet lemons
Mint humbugs
Pear drops
Acid drops
Muffled in hat and scarf
Penny tucked in glove
Small hand reaches up to the counter
‘Pennyworth of winter warmers please’
Popped into the mouth
A warm glow trickles down the throat
Spreads through the body
Footprints in the snow
Icy pavements
Lead the way to school
Wet coats hung on hooks
Tucked away hidden in satchel
Small crumpled paper bag
Sneaked into classroom
Trusty winter warmers
Pauline Faulkner


Collage Workshop – 10/1/18

We had a wonderfully relaxing couple of hours yesterday afternoon at our special collage workshop – thank you Sue Rabbett for leading and giving encouragement and support. A workshop we will repeat I am sure – us ladies really enjoyed creating our collages on ‘Winter’ with images, simple artwork and printed text selected from various printed literature – can recommend creating collages as as way of de-stressing! Every collage was from a different angle – some completed others to finshed at home. Thanks to WOW members for entering into the workshop with great spirit!
See photo’s on our facebook page –
Written homework – is a piece entitled ‘A Winter Childhood’ from one’s own perspective/a memory or an imaginative piece – this is the FED Challenge for January – next meeting is January 19th – 13 00 – 15 00 at Llwyn Fields Community Room.

Meeting Jan 5th 2018!

WOW had a lovely catch up after Christmas meet this afternoon – welcoming Sue Rabbett who is our guest workshop leader for our extra meeting this Wednesday on making Collages with text and image. We shared poems and stories written and was appreciative of Sue’s input. Shared a social chat over a cuppa. Then discussed our ideas and thoughts on writing a piece for the FED Challnge this month on ‘A Winter Childhood’ it was enlightening to see how we could come to the topic from different angles – work to be written as homework. I shared with the group – that I was looking to organise field trips – which was wamly received with a ‘yes please!’ Our first outing will be to The Cambrian Antique Centre – five mins from our venue and where we can get cuppa and cake as well as inspiration! We started putting our donations into a money tin – towards costs of purchasing things for workshops and expenses etc. I also shared with the group we are happy to accept on-line members who have difficulty at any time with attending in person – promoting the ethos of a ‘Community Group for All’ – we parted all excited about the Collage Workshop this Wednesday!