21st July meet

We had a lovely gathering with Sue a friend of Pauline’s visiting from Hastings joining us. Sue is an accomplished writer in her own right. We shared writing from the homework exercise – on scenarios, linking three unrelated objects and people – in which three of us had written, including myself with this piece – my objects/person being – a pair of binoculars, a lucky charm and aa ex boyfriend;

After all – ‘luck is what you make it’.

Sarah’s fingers crept slowly through the clover scented meadow grass; parting it gently she repeated the count in her head. ‘One, two, three – one, two, three – one, two, three’ in the half an hour of painstaking searching, she had never reached the magic four. Sighing with increased doubt that a four leaf clover could ever be found, Sarah lay back intertwining both hands behind her head and watched the clouds drift by.

Like love, she thought, reciprocated forever, almost as impossible to find as a four leafed clover, if indeed it ever existed at all.

Sarah had believed she had found the magic with Jake; one, two, three years, not just the months previous boyfriends had lasted. Jake had moved in, they had even chose a new double bed together; surely a sign that a proposal was imminent.

Then, as sudden as the sky can change colour, his pillow remained untouched – his head nestled elsewhere, or on someone.

Sitting up quickly and getting to her feet, Sarah brushed off the loose grass, swung the backpack over her shoulders and clicked the buckle over her flattened stomach. She had lost a bit too much weight these last months.

The sky was now cloudless. Sarah caught a familiar sound; a pair of buzzards was circling effortlessly – plaintive cries echoing in the blue. She lifted the binoculars, adjusting the focus till their outline became clear. Drawing in, the male and female locked talons and tumbled, twisting and turning – re-affirming their bond.

The hard nugget of doubt slipped from Sarah’s heart. Breaking free, the buzzards swerved and disappeared over the rise; taking Jake with them and her need to find a four leafed clover.

Sarah resolved to ask the rather handsome young man in the Youth Hostel if he would like to share her meal tonight – he was on his own too, and had smiled warmly at her this morning; they say ‘a way to man’s heart…’ she recalled. Well, you never know – he might be her lucky number four.

Our new member Anna wrote in the second choice of scenario’s looking at strengths and weaknesses – with a amazing piece of writing on a lady with two sides to her character – a very well crafted short story – just needing an end to tie it up.

We discussed how we would like the group to progress when we meet up at the start of next term in September – with some good ideas forming. We are also looking forward to our new venue and encouraging more folk to join us.







We were pleased to have Anna back with us!  A good meeting! Talking about building characters with scenarios and beyond. Taking 3 unrelated objects and placing them in the context of one story – read work from our Empty Seat/Chair homework from last meeting. WOW is taking a break in August and will be meeting at a new and better venue from Sept 11th!

Meeting June 23rd

We welcomed Anna to her first meeting – and as no work to read from last time – we discussed topics suggested by Jaine;

A letter to one’s future self

What you would do with an extra hour in the day – something you don’t normally do

Think of a place you have never been to  and why are you moving there

A letter from landing on Mars – to earth

This proved quite interesting and maybe revealed a little of ourselves!

Another idea from Jaine was to pick a book 7th along the shelf – go to 7th chapter – 7th line and write a poem/story using all or some of the line.

I may run with this as the book for me was The Book Thief – line began ‘It was a cool day when war came’

I read my piece ‘Missing Home and Abroad’ as this was written in a workshop in London with a similar theme – which was match a chosen photograph – to a chosen first line of a poem

I then introduced a workshop on ‘Does an Empty Chair have a tale to tell?’ I laid out a selection of chairs/seats pictures – of all different types – with a suggestion on the back of each. The group then chose one or two pictures to inspire a piece of writing and did some notes.Everyone seemed to channel their own ideas into a piece to work on for homework.

Next meeting

Friday 7th July



WOW new venue and growing!

We are now meeting at Fine and Dandy Tearooms – Beatrice Street – Oswestry on alternate Friday’s 13 30 – 15 30 thanks to one of our WOW members, allowing us free space in the flat above the tea rooms (please be aware there are stairs). We were comfortable meeting at my house but we felt a move into town would encourage more folk to join us. Now three meetings in we are attracting budding writers – both beginners and those a little more experienced!

I would like to thanks Oswestry Life for their full and enthusiastic support in promoting WOW on the their website and for having me as their monthly poet.

We met this afternoon and read our writing entitled ‘Escape From’ last meetings homework theme. Chatted to our new visitors and where their writing is at the moment and how thay can benefit from attending WOW – all very relaxed.

I had bought along some interestings stones of beaches – inspired by a book I had just read – on a ‘lucky stone’ which turned out to hidden powers. The group wrote notes and ideas on a stone they had chosen – can be enhanced writing for homework.

Also Jaine had a few ‘themed’ writing suggestions as an idea for writing – the group wrote them down to take away and digest!

Example one is – An extra hour in the day to do what you don’t normally do…

We finished with a general chat and continued sharing of work previously written.

Next meeting is Friday 23rd June at 13 30




July 1st meet

We had a lovely meet this morning – sharing work from the Al Fresco Dining workshop – Some crackin funny dialogue! We observed a minute’s silince for The Battle of the Somme anniversary – then did some writing exercises of Acrostic poetry – words inspired by the Battle – good discussion and homework is to write a piece ‘from away from the battlefield’ and/or womens role in WW1. i shared Richard’s sonnet poem in tribute to his grandfather who was injured at the Somme. Acrostic poems written here in workshop were very impressive – hard and punchy – written as felt – off the cuff so to speak.

3rd June meet

Whe we met last time – we were pleased to have 2 new prospective new members – I hope we made a good impression. The gentleman does usually have other commitments on a Friday – but their is a possibility of ‘some juggling’ I believe.

Their was a nice lot of sharing written work – one on the plight of of being a mass produced baby chicken – gave us all some reflection. The excitement of travelling down the Colorado river and overnight camping and looking back at a workhouse building that became a loving care home.

Pauline read her piece on Merlin – her Spanish Galgo?Greyhound).

Their was much laughter and chat over a welcome break for drinks.

Then I introduced a workshop and homework – on Al Frescoe Dining – creating some scenarios or allowing people to create their own. Suggested forms of writing for example was dialogue – monologue either from a paticipant/s or as an onlooker.

Next meet is Friday 17th June

Meeting 6th May

I informed the group that WOW will now continue for me to run independantly – due to the over zealous paperwork required by the U3A – in order to run a group. 6 pages with 2 being Health and Safety/Risk Assesments ( even for a holding the group within one’s own home) proved for a ‘bridge to far’.

Members attending said they are happy to continue.

We shared different work from various meets to catch up and for today’s workshop we discussed various landmarks/buildings important to us from childhood to now – or spaking a memory. I read part one of piece on Central Fire Station – Birmingham and we looked at photo’s on the computer of this iconic building.

Next meet 20th May